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Rosh Hashanah (2018) – This past July, I spent most of my free time removing an absolutely enormous hedge from our yard.

Kol Nidre (2018)-Fred Rogers -Kindness in America, in the spring of 1968, when a children’s program, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” debuted on public television, I was seven years old, and much too cool and sophisticated to be caught watching a show whose target audience was small children.

Rosh Hashanah 5778 Unity and Division in our Nation. In the Fall of 1998, I wrote my rabbinic thesis on Sheol, also known, more famously, as “hell.” …Read more

Kol Nidre Rabbi Sermon-Rabbi Howard-Voss Altman (2017) Kol Nidre 5778 The Wandering Jew In September 1963, just prior to my third birthday, our family – my parents, my older sister and me – moved from our apartment in Fort Lee, NJ to a house – a split-level with a two-car garage – in Englewood Cliffs, the next town over…Read more

High Holiday Sermon 1 5776 My first apartment in New York City was on the Upper West Side, West 86th Street, just off Central Park West, to be precise. It was a fairly big building, probably 16 stories, and had a rooftop where people could go to sunbathe in the summer heat…Read more

HHD Sermon Two The Evolution of Temple Beth-El My parents, Allan Altman and Pam Steinhardt, were married in 1953…Read more


Rabbi Mack Sermons


Rosh Hashanah (2018) Bless the Honey, Bless the StingWhen a wedding processional and a funeral processional meet at a crossroads, our tradition teaches, the wedding procession has precedence.   

Yom Kippur (2018) In a place where there is no humanity: Be A Mensch- Last week, I was lucky enough to hear an amazing man speak at Providence College. 


Find the Good-  Shanah Tovah. We greet each other with these words tonight, sharing wishes for a good year. Read more
From a heart of stone to a heart of flesh- When Sally Lapides, who is with us in the congregation this morning (thank you Sally), sent me an email with a poignant… Read more