Named Funds

Temple Beth-El strives to be a place where prayer, learning and tikkun olam are vital and fulfilling components of our Jewish community. The Temple maintains various funds to assist in ongoing operations (Operating Funds) and to provide for special programs and long-term fiscal security (Endowment Funds).

Below you will find a list of these funds with a description of what they are for. 
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 Temple Endowment:

Provides long-term financial support of Temple Beth-El:

 Helen and Abraham Adelman Fund:  

For general use as needed

The Rosalea E. and Newton B Cohn Family Fund:  

For general use as needed

Braunstein Family Fund: 

Enhances the temple’s endowment

Irving Jay Fain Fund: 

Helps support health and pension benefits of temple  retirees and employees

Finkle Family Fund: 

For general use in temple programming

Betty & Leon Goldberg Memorial Fund: 

For any purpose the Temple’s Board of Trustees deems worthy

Hazel  and  Stanley Grossman Fund: 

For general use as needed


Supports the development of a network of volunteers who are available to assist families in time of need
consistent with the programs planned by the Hineinu committee


Murray Halpert Fund: 

For general use as needed

Charlotte Simon Kenner Fund:

For any purpose the Temple’s Board of Trustees deems worthy

David and Esther Lecht Fund: 

Supports the general endowment

Miriam Soforenko Fund:

Enhances the Temple’s endowment

Louis and Jennie Sweet Fund:

Supports the Temple’s endowment

 Clergy Discretionary Fund:

Rabbi Leslie Y. Gutterman
Rabbi Sarah Mack
Cantor Judith Seplowin

Sisterhood of Temple Beth-El:

  Temple Beth-El Brotherhood:

Young Families and K’Tantan:

Frances & David Friedman Fund: Enhances program opportunities for very young families (K’Tantan)
Marshall G. Wolfe Fund: Supports family programs

Youth/Teen Progams:

Feldman Family Generations Fund:  For programming to promote Jewish continuity and/or youth leadership
Michael S. Roberts Fund: Enhances educational opportunities for youth in Religious School and/or youth groups
Judith Smith Memorial Fund: Supports Temple youth groups
Suzanne Soforenko Fund:  For youth programming
PROVTY Temple Beth-El Youth Group

Religious School and Youth Scholarship for Jewish Camping and Travel to Israel:

David A. Cohen Special Education Fund: For the support and development of resources for “special needs” children in the Temple Beth-El Religious School
Botvin & Dress Family Scholarship Fund: Provides need- based assistance for youth and travel to Israel    
Norman Myron Fain Fund: For Religious School scholarships
Dorothy Emers Finkelman Fund: For the Annual Religious School Passover program
Melvin S. & Eleanore Frank Fund:  Assists students participating in  Religious School field trips
Larry H. Friedman Family Fund: Supports arts enrichment in the Religious School
Fay Goldstein Fund:  Funds small torahs as gifts to students who are consecrated at temple.
Samuel Hamin Scholarship Fund: Sponsors PROVTY members attendance at special events
Isadore S. & Cecile Low Fund: Purchases books for confirmands
Martin Markovitz Scholarship Fund: Supports youth scholarships for Religious School
Max I. Millman Fund: Provides awards for outstanding Religious School teachers
Richard & Evelyn Seigle Religious School Scholarship Fund: For Religious School scholarships
The Dr. Raquel, Nathan, & Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro Fund: For Religious School scholarships
Eleanor Taber Scholarship Fund: For youth scholarships
Meyer Tenenbaum Day School Scholarship Fund: Provides tuition scholarship for Religious School students

The William G. Braude Library:

William G. Braude Library Fund:  For purchase of new library books
Prayer book Fund:  For purchase of prayer books for worship services including High Holidays
Sumner Marshall Saklad Book Fund: Purchases children’s books for the William G. Braude Library
Beryl Segal Fund: Purchases Judaic materials for the William G. Braude Library
Strauss Video Fund: Purchases videos for William G. Braude Library
Winkler Children’s Library Fund: Enhances the children’s section of the William G. Braude Library

 Music and Cultural Enrichment:

The Benefactors Fund:  Funds special cultural programming and events (minimum gift of $10,000 enables the donor to be listed as a Benefactor.)
Joseph H. Cohen Music Fund:  Sponsors a Music Shabbat
Graubart-Irving Music Fund:  Enhances  programs and worship services through music
Dorothy & Jay Isenberg Fund: Supports music and cultural programs
Louis & Freda Kaufman Memorial Fund: For cultural programs
Leonard C. Mandell Music Fund:  Enhances worship services through music
Theodore & Paul Markoff Fund: Supports music programs
Betty Presser Fund: Supports music programs

Lifelong Learning:

Helen & Aaron Caslowitz Fund: For  studies in Jewish philosophy, literature and art
Bernice & Sanford White Fund:  Enhances adult and family education

Outreach and Interfaith Initiatives: 

Walter and Bernice Axelrod Fund: Promotes Jewish continuity through programs such as outreach to the unaffiliated
Ruth L. Cohen New Member Fund: Sponsors the Annual New Members Brunch
Helen N. & Meyer Tenenbaum Fund: Supports interfaith and outreach programs
Fay and Robert Steinberg Fund: For the support and development of resources for interfaith families and programs at Temple Beth-El

Social Action:
Gloria Blackman Fund: For social justice programs and causes relating to Religious School
Social Action Fund: Provides funds for social action or social concern

Temple / Cemetery Maintenance and Beautification:

Bernstein High Holiday Flower Fund:  For flowers for the High Holy Days
Cemetery Beautification Fund: Enhances the Temple cemetery’s landscaping
Fine Arts Fund: For purchase and maintenance of fine art and Judaica
Paula Golden Memorial Fund: For flowers for the High Holy Days
Jules P. Goldsmith Fund: Supports the beautification of Temple grounds
Robert Hochberg Minyan Fund: Supports the beautification of the Herman L. Bennett Chapel
Organ Fund: For repair and/or to tune the Temple’s organs
Nathaniel Sugerman Memorial Fund: Supports the outdoor Spiritual Garden
Torah Fund: Supports purchasing and repairing Torahs
Zurier Family Fund: Supports the Temple’s archives and museum