Mitzvah Resources

During the year of Bar/BatMitzvah, each studenwill participatin aextended communitservice project of no lesthan eighteen hours, correspondinto this significant year in a young person’s life. The Mitzvah Mania project begins with a kickofMitzvah event in the spring of his/her sixth-grade year, awhich point the project iexplainein detail. During the summer months, each student chooses a mitzvah projecton a theme of personasignificanceThMitzvah Mania program provides dozens of choiceswe alsenable our studenttengage in a project of original design. Each student’s progresimonitored by the Mitzvah Mania Coordinator, Education Team, Religious SchoolTeachersand Clergy. Furthermoreeach student hathe opportunitto describe his/her project in a short biography featured ithe TemplBulletin, the Shofar, in thweeks preceding his/her Bar/BaMitzvah.


This Mitzvah Mania Manual provides great information to help students get started.


The Mitzvah project should be chosen based on the problems the b’nei mitzvah student sees in the world, their understanding of Jewish values, and their own interests
and skills. Mitzvah projects involve both tzedakah (giving resources), and g’milut hasadim (giving of their time and themselves).


Here are some questions b’nei mitzvah students should ask themselves as they contemplate choosing aproject:

• What upsets me about the state of the world?
• What could I do to perform tikkun olam,repair of the world to help?

• What values (Jewish and secular) are most important to me?
• What gifts do I bring to the table to help others?