Grade 7 Mitzvot and the Holocaust

Grade 7: MITZVOT AND THE HOLOCAUST.  Grade 7 students begin to increase their level of Jewish commitment in concrete and practical ways.  As they enter their young adulthood, they will begin to explore Jewish tradition through the study of mitzvot.  They will learn the significance of each mitzvah and how to put the mitzvah into practice.  Each student will choose and participate in a mitzvah project.  Their studies also include an examination of the Holocaust from life in pre-World War II Germany, through the Nazi rise to power, to Jewish survival and resistance in the ghettos and concentration camps.  Students will develop their own conclusions about the causes and meaning of the Holocaust by examining the facts and evidence in greater depth.  Studies include a visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Resources:  The Holocaust: The World and the Jews and Escape from the Holocaust.