Adult Education

Introduction to Judaism

Judaism is the dynamic and inspirational religion of the Jewish people, going back over 3,500 years. Jewish tradition encompasses Jewish philosophy, thought, culture, and observance. In this introductory course, those who are seeking to enhance their Jewish knowledge, including those who are contemplating conversion, those who are married to a Jewish man or woman, those from an assimilated Jewish background, and those who were actively raised as Jews, can learn about the wisdom and beauty of this wonderful tradition and oldest of the monotheistic faiths.

Through an intensive study of the holidays and life-cycle including readings from the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic literature, the prayer-book, and philosophy texts, students will enhance their understanding of Jewish history, culture, and tradition. The course will meet on designated Thursday evenings from 7-9pm beginning in November and runs through March. The faculty will include Rabbis Voss-Altman, Mack, Cantor Seplowin.

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David Davies presents: 10/11/2017 from Temple Beth-El on Vimeo.

David Davies presents: 10/18/2017 from Temple Beth-El on Vimeo.

David Davies presents: 10/25/2017 from Temple Beth-El on Vimeo.

Reform Judaism With Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman from Temple Beth-El on Vimeo.

Lunch and Learn Reform Judaism from Temple Beth-El on Vimeo.