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Congregation Sons of Israel and David 

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Message from the Clergy

Message from the Clergy

Dear Friends,  

Nearly a week has gone by since the tragedy in Pittsburgh. As a community, and as a nation, we are in the midst of shivah. We mourn the loss of life. We mourn the loss of eleven beautiful souls who gathered together to pray, sing, and celebrate the joy of Shabbat morning. We mourn loss and suffering of Squirrel Hill, a historic and unique Jewish community that will undoubtedly grow even closer in the wake of the inexplicable. We mourn the loss in American Judaism, the loss of our innocence, as we must now confront – many of us for the first time – the specter of anti-Semitism in our lives.

Yet, even as we grieve, shivah offers us a time and a process for healing and support. Our healing began with the Jewish community’s vigil on Monday night, where Rabbi Mack, Cantor Seplowin, and our treasured Christian and Muslim colleagues spoke and sang so movingly. Throughout the week, we have been overwhelmed by messages of love and consolation from members of the Jewish community, our fellow clergy, and friends from all over the nation, who have reached out to remind us that compassion and decency will always prevail over hatred and division. 

Please know that even in our grief, we continue to plan and respond for the future. We have been working closely with the Alliance’s security coordinator and meeting with local law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of our home, both for this weekend and for the foreseeable future. As we pray for a more peaceful and just world, may we continue to work together to make Temple Beth-El a sanctuary of holiness and peace.

Howard, Sarah, and Judy

Digital Monthly Shofar

What is our Monthly Shofar?

Our newsletter is thoughtfully crafted and contains information about the synagogue published for Temple Beth-El congregants each month. Members receive the shofar by mail any additional copies are available under our Media tab under Shofar archives, Click the current tab to the right download and view the pdf version of past issues.

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Our Clergy

Senior Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman

Senior Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman

Rabbi Sarah Mack

Rabbi Sarah Mack

Cantor Judith Seplowin

Cantor Judith Seplowin

Rabbi Emeritus Leslie Yale Gutterman

Rabbi Emeritus Leslie Yale Gutterman

About Us

Temple Beth-El is a caring Jewish Community that warmly welcomes and engages members by providing a rich variety of religious, spiritual, educational, and communal opportunities. Temple Beth-El is committed to Jewish life and the evolving principles of Reform Judaism. From the celebration of new life to the saying of Kaddish, Temple Beth-El is your spiritual family for honoring life cycle events as well as the Jewish holy days.

Our members, and our staff assist in the preparation and celebration of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Confirmations, weddings, brit and baby namings, and sitting shiva. During the year, you will enjoy participating in our ritual services, including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim, and other events which honor and celebrate the history of our people.

Upcoming Events

  1. Introduction To Judaism

    Oct 04 @ 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  2. K’Tantan

    Oct 19 @ 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  3. K’Tantan

    Nov 16 @ 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  4. Library Shabbat

    Nov 30 @ 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  5. K’Tantan

    Dec 02 @ 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Rabbi Leslie Yale Gutterman Religious School

We engage innovative principles to connect our students to their Jewish selves, to each other, to our Temple Beth-El community and Am Yisrael (the people of Israel). 

Our Belief

We believe in creating an environment where: our students are active participants, problem solvers and planners, our teachers are facilitators and guides who foster critical thinking, our community is an extension of the classroom.

B’nei Mitzvah

Bar/Bat-Mitzvah represents a commitment to Jewish learning and living, and of dedication to the welfare of the Jewish community.  Most of all, it represents a commitment to continued study and exploration.


  • Fantastic congregation! They all made this visitor feel welcomed!

    Patrick Labbe
  • Great community very welcoming.

    Sharon Anderson Teich
  • Your rabbis, Sara Mack and Howard Voss-Altman are wonderful, compassionate human beings.

    Janet Davies
  • I've been a member for more than 50 years. The rabbis past and present have kept the eternal flame burning. The strength of the congregation is the members and the ability of the clergy to listen. My wife and I have moved away and now belong to two congregations. It is a great joy when we are able to come back for an event or service.

    Howard Rabinowitz